Degradation in Paris

Degradation in Paris

Thank you for your article on the degraded condition for the Jews in Paris (“Ominous clouds over French Jews,” December 19). I’m a native, and was a resident until 1949. I feel terrible that the city and the country are less hospitable. In my time, anti-Semitism did exist, but we would have put up a good fight to the “sale Juif” insult. I have a scar on my left leg as an enduring proof of a boyhood scuffle.

Some of my family and friends are living in France, but, on the sad side, their links to Jewishness are vanishing: many of their descendants are marrying non-Jews. However a good friend is involved in a project where each Parisian primary school will have a wall plaque posted with the names of their children who were arrested and/or deported during the war.

In spite of its sad subject your article is well worth reading.