Dating: Jewish style!

Dating: Jewish style!

Youtube is apparently full of shidduch and Jewish dating videos with plenty of advice. So sit back, turn up the speakers, and get read for some life lessons that Chuck Woolery never taught you.

One practical joker set his friend up for A shidduch date gone bad.

Not sure if this is real, if the woman is in on it, or what. So if you know, please share.

Either way, he should have learned What not to do on a shidduch date.

Frum Satire has posted an instructional video about Where do you take a shidduch date?

Frum women know about putting together a shidduch resume for their matchmakers, but this one apparently couldn’t decide on the right picture.

Just in case you’re not sure about how to get ready for a date, here’s a list of what’s good and bad for shidduch dates.

Now you should be prepared, so let’s all sing, Shadchan, bring me a wife!

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