Commends piece

Commends piece

Warren Boroson’s Jan. 2 article surely capsulized the psychopathology of Bernard Madoff’s mind.

I have, as have others, read and listened to countless reports of Madoff’s shameful behavior and attitude, but no discussion was as poignantly presented as Mr. Boroson’s commentary in your periodical.

It is obvious that Madoff and his team of psychopaths possessed the philosophy and rationale to “never give a sucker and even break.” Mr. Boroson implies that con men feel that suckers deserve to be taken because they are dumb or failed to do proper due diligence or inquiry.

This Madoff psychopath con man personality surely fits the psychologist Robert Hare’s Psychopathy Checklist, which includes pathological lying and lack of empathy that Madoff and crew had for their friends and associated charities. This group of unconscionably behaved individuals obviously got away with their scheme, reached a point of no return, and continued their deceitful con business with no great remorse.

I was was further impressed by Mr. Boroson’s reference to the American humorist Finley Peter Dunne, who commented that you should trust everyone but cut the cards (do your own investigation and due diligence).

I commend the Standard and Mr. Boroson for the well-composed, timely analysis of Madoff and crew.