‘Wrong, very wrong’

‘Wrong, very wrong’

Re “Germans will always be Germans”: I agree with Mr. Weissfisch, at least partly, but disagree with him about putting Germans and French into the same category. It was the Germans who killed the Jews, not the French.

I am a survivor of the Holocaust who was not saved by the French and just survived concentration camps by sheer luck.

I agree also completely with the statement that American Jews still need a Holocaust lesson, including him too.

There is just a complete ignorance and disinterest of what really happened and this is because a lot of information coming from the Holocaust museum as well as from books and articles is wrong, very wrong.

Mr. Weissfisch heard about the anti-Semitic deeds in France and made his conclusion accordingly, never having heard of what the French people did during the war to save Jews. He did not know that in France more Jewish people were hidden during the war and saved from the Nazis than in all other European countries combined, including England.

I could give him names of hundreds of children and adults who were saved by the French, not only of the family of my wife and friends. Why did he not break a glass “made in the USA”? They did very little during the time before and during the first two years of the war to help. The American consulate rejected thousands of people who had perfectly genuine affidavits for no reason whatsoever. If he wants to see some of these letters I also can show him.

How about the American Jews? They were in no hurry to do something and delayed and delayed until it was too late. Therefore the quota was never filled.

If one makes statements like that, one should at least know the whole story, not only part of one.