Abbas’ challenge

Abbas’ challenge

Despite casting blame on Israel for past lackluster peace efforts, Ray Hanania wrote a very good piece in The Jerusalem Post that challenges Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas to return to negotiations.

Peace is the only answer that can move Israelis and Palestinians away from the precipice where they have debka’d during the past 62 years. Not only are Israelis and Palestinians bad dancers, they are terrible at reading road maps. But only Israel has the clout.

He also calls out the Palestinians for the all-or-nothing attitude that has always landed them with nothing.

The Israeli settlements didn’t just appear because some ingenuous Israeli developed a bullet-proof strategy to build them, but because Palestinians always said “no,” demanding everything and always ending up with nothing. Israel had carte blanche to take what it wanted. And it did. Who wouldn’t?

Is the article flawless? No, but it hits good points – on both sides.

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