A Frischy tradition

A Frischy tradition

The Frisch girls’ swim team dominated Tuesday night, during a swim meet against Bruriah. Last time the two teams met, Bruriah put on a threatening performance before finally losing a close match. This time, however, there was no competition as Frisch managed to win gold in each of the different strokes: freestyle, butterfly, breaststroke, backstroke, and relay.

Senior Arielle Fremid and junior Nava Frankel both won gold in their respective races. The champion of the night, though, was Frisch’s Eve Herman (junior), winning gold three times (even lapping her opponents on occasion) and leading her team to a victory.

After the meet, Herman spoke about the team’s serious approach to swimming meets. “We go out there knowing that nothing comes easily and that while every meet is a potential win, it is also a potential loss,” Herman said, “but through practice and determination, we got the job done.”

Frisch has not lost a single meet since they created the girls’ swimming team six years ago. This is likely due to the team’s intense practices and experience in the pool. Most of the team members have been swimming for many years, thus mastering the different techniques, especially regarding diving.

Frisch’s next and last meet of the season is versus Ma’ayanot on Monday, Feb. 2. There are no playoffs; the team with the most wins at the end of the season is deemed champion. A season generally consists of four to five meets split between Ma’ayanot and Bruriah. Frisch hopes to soon add the Kushner swimming team to its schedule of opponents.

“We look forward to another undefeated season,” Herman prided.

Quite a fishy tradition: the Frisch team was created by Eve Herman’s older sister Ariella Herman. Must be something in the water.


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