You’ve never heard Psalm 23 like this before

You’ve never heard Psalm 23 like this before

Hebro grew up in Crown Heights and moved to Israel and he will show you how it's done

Artist’s bio:

Raphael “Hebro” Fulcher, is a singer, songwriter, rapper and producer. His art form and expression stem from a soulfully rich heritage and a passionate drive to spread knowledge and awareness through music. As the youngest of six children born and raised as Orthodox Jews in Crown Heights Brooklyn, Raphael Ohr Chayim Fulchers journey would begin in New York and would continue into a story in which the rural south, Midwest, and ultimately Israel would be called home.

Born into a family of talented voices, Hebro has enjoyed singing since early childhood. What began as guest appearances showcasing his voice and uncanny freestyle rap ability has since developed into the streamlined mission to promote unity, consciousness, positivity and enlightenment through music, bringing new depth and meaning to Hip Hop and R&B. The truth and sincerity of his lyrical content combine with melodic undertones, rhythm and flow to create a truly unique listening experience.

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