You don’t need ‘Deck the Halls’ or ‘Jingle Bell Rock’…

You don’t need ‘Deck the Halls’ or ‘Jingle Bell Rock’…

It’s that time of year again, time to put on your yarmulkes and celebrate Chanukah and The Big Lipowsky has selected some videos that really demonstrate Chanukah cheer.

Matisyahu is first on the list with a new Chanukah video called “Miracle.”

The chasidic reggae star expounded on the need for more Chanukah music in an essay for NPR.

A video by The Maccabeats, a Yeshiva University a cappela group, has been been spreading across the Internet like wildfire. “Candlelight” has more than 480,000 hit on Youtube already. To put that in perspective, Matisyahu’s video has just more than 55,000 hits as of this writing. One of the founding members of Maccabeats is 23-year-old Josh Jay of Paramus, who has struggled with Tourette’s since an early age.

The National Council of Synagogue Youth has released a hip-hop Chanukah remix called “I Light It.”

There are some new classic Chanukah mixes, too.

Who could forget Sen. Orrin Hatch’s “Eight Days of Chanukah” video that he made last year?

Michelle Citrin, aka Rosh HaShanah Girl, came out with “Pass the Candle” in 2008.

Captain Smartypants, a Seattle men’s chorus, has a few classic Chanukah hits, such as “Boogie Woogie Chanukah” and an updated dreidel song with a Southern twang.

Speaking of dreidels, Chabad’s Jono sings about the dreidel while Rabbi Itche Kadoozy tries to set him straight on his history.

And, of course, we cannot forget the song that started it all, Adam Sandler’s “Chanukah Song.”

Happy Chanukah!

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