Wilf at Home earns CAHC accreditation

Wilf at Home earns CAHC accreditation

The Commission on Accreditation for Home Care has awarded full accreditation to Wilf at Home, the Wilf Campus for Senior Living in Somerset’s newest agency. A leader in setting standards for quality home care since 1986, CAHC is an independent commission that ensures compliance and excellence in all aspects of a provider’s services.

While Wilf at Home will continue its tradition of providing quality care, as it has done since it opened in January 2020, CAHC accreditation will provide several benefits. Accreditation will ensure that the agency is being held accountable for the quality of its services. Having an independent body to report to provides that extra level of confidence for the provider and its clients alike.

CAHC provides current, in-depth knowledge of state legislation, rules, and regulations. With frequent meetings and seminars to cover these legislations, clients can be assured that Wilf at Home always is up to date. For more information about home care by Wilf at Home, call (732) 649-3502 or email athome@wilfcampus.org.

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