What Christians Should Say to Jews at Xmas Time

What Christians Should Say to Jews at Xmas Time

An amusing article in The New Yorker (Dec. 21 & 28), by Paul Rudnick, suggests what Christians should do so as not to make non-Christians feel uncomfortable at Christmas time.


“If a Jew asks, ‘So how did Jesus die?,’ simply reply, “Natural causes.'”

“If you’re visiting a mixed couple during the holidays, here are a couple of gift suggestions: for the Christian wife, a bayberry-scented candle or fresh evergreen wreath; for the Jewish husband, a lovely framed portrait of his parents, rending their clothes and sobbing.”

“For real holiday enchantment, tell your kids the story of ‘Yussel, the Reindeer Who Spent the Whole Night Studying.'”

“If your town wants to put up a life-size crèche on public property, suggest that there should also be, right beside the Nativity scene, mannequins representing a Jewish family, sitting outside the manger and reading the Sunday Times.”

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