WATCH: The greatest movie theater proposal of all time

WATCH: The greatest movie theater proposal of all time

She thought she was catching a flick with her sister. Then this trailer came on...

This is probably the coolest proposal video ever. Make sure to watch the whole thing. This from Elisha Mlotek (If his name sounds familiar, it’s because his band, Zusha, was featured in this week’s cover story).
“This past Sunday I proposed to my beloved mamasita Alexandria Ariel. She said YES!!!
“Her sister led her to believe they were just seeing a movie at Cinema Village, when all of a sudden during the opening trailers, my face (and hers) appeared on the big screen and suddenly I’m dancing around the city.
“Each location is a significant place in the story of us, from Washington Heights and the East Village, to DUMBO and 770 Eastern Parkway, our first date.
“May we only have peace and love in this world. Respect and harmony, umayn.
“Special thanks to Dov Adler and Hassan, of Cinema Village. And all my sweet friends for their talent and help!
“L-O-V-E” by Nat King Cole
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