UPDATE: Israeli rocker FINDS guitar-giver that changed his life

UPDATE: Israeli rocker FINDS guitar-giver that changed his life

He asked on eBay and a fellow Jew across the Atlantic sent him an Ibanez electric guitar - no questions asked - for Chanukah

“I am searching for the person that changed my life 15 years ago,” Arnold Nesis says.

He was an aspiring rocker with parents that were against the idea and he had the crazy idea to appeal to people on eBay that were having trouble selling their guitars.

He wrote to a bunch of people and one person responded: “I am a Jew – Happy Chanukah” and sent him the guitar.

Nesis lost the computer with the records on it, but is appealing to the Internet to find the do-gooder that helped jump-start his career (he now makes a living as a professional musician).

“I think it’s time I pay him back for his guitar,” he says. All he knows about the person is that they owned a shop and were Jewish.

UPDATE: A man named Bill Doran wrote the following Facebook comment:

“Hey Arnold. I’m glad that you were able to make good use of the guitar. It used to be my favorite guitar. I’ve only carved my name in two guitars, you now have one, and I still have the other. I am the [person] you’ve been looking for, but no payment is needed; I’m just happy the guitar served you well. I will write you an email and give you a little more history of the guitar and how it ended up on the other side of the planet. Until then, stay well my friend and keep on rockin’.” (h/t YRF Darca)

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