WATCH: Israeli MK’s call to do away with marriage

WATCH: Israeli MK’s call to do away with marriage

"We must cancel marriage," Merav Michaeli began her TEDx Jaffa talk.

Since she delivered this address she has been elected to Israel’s Knesset, but this is her bio from the time it was delivered:

“Merav Michaeli discusses the institution of marriage as an out-of-date and un-evolved concept in modern society. Examining history and the traditional roles of men and women as they play out in modern society, Merav explores ways in which society could find itself even more enlightened by canceling the old-school concept of traditional marriage for a new and more culturally appropriate alternative.

“Merav is an op-ed writer for “Ha’aretz” newspaper, a lecturer of communications in various colleges and a social activist. Recognized for her advocacy and public activism for women’s rights, she is one of Israel’s most prominent journalists and host of prime-time television entertainment talk shows.

“Known for her ability to consistently challenge views and positions, she has been the star of her own two-hour daily radio talk show, television current event magazine hour, and documentary series. Her career has also spanned into the world of comedy and political satire, guest starring in programs such as Israel’s equivalents of “Saturday Night Live” and Bill Maher’s “Politically Incorrect.”

“Merav also founded and presides over the national lobby to advance the struggle against sexual assault in Israel.”

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