WATCH: Ethiopian Jewish hip hop Jam in Jerusalem

WATCH: Ethiopian Jewish hip hop Jam in Jerusalem

Who knew Kiryat Menachem was such a bumpin' Jerusalem neighborhood?

IndieCity is a project that brings musical performances to various Jerusalem (and Tel Aviv) neighborhoods, capturing the music with high quality video production and bringing a lively concert to diverse neighborhoods.

This performance, by Lucille Crew, took place in the neighborhood of Kiryat Menachem. Wikipedia’s description:

Kiryat Menachem and Ir Ganim are a single geographic unit with a population of about 15,000. The neighborhood’s population is quite heterogeneous, with veteran residents and new immigrants from Ethiopia and the former Soviet Union.

There are various types of housing in the neighborhood, in keeping with the population’s mixture of socioeconomic levels. These include low-rise buildings and homes with gardens, mainly in Ir Ganim A and Ir Ganim B, and high-rise buildings of 4-8 stories with very small apartments throughout most of the rest of the neighborhood. Some of these buildings, particularly in Ir Ganim C and parts of Kiryat Menachem, were erected in the 1950s as temporary housing for immigrants, and are now in serious disrepair. In the 1990s urban renewal projects were carried out in these neighborhoods and some of the buildings were renovated and expanded.

Since this neighborhood is on the outskirts of Jerusalem and has a unique mixture of populations that have no easy access to the cultural and leisure activities in the city center, the Kiryat Menachem-Ir Ganim neighborhood has developed social solidarity and community institutions that make this area a pleasant place to live.

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