WATCH: Ethiopian Israeli’s music video features risky bridge ballet

WATCH: Ethiopian Israeli’s music video features risky bridge ballet

The whole world is a very narrow bridge?

My name is Oshrat Masala.
I am a daughter of an Ethiopian family
I am 25 years old, born in Israel.
My journey starts here…

I grew up in Kiryat Malachi (Israel), Currently based in Tel Aviv.
I work as a vocal coach and teach music and rhythm as well.
Today I am a student of Music.

In the past two years I performed in Israel and abroad as part of Mika Karni’s group “Kol Dodi”. the band also recorded and released two studio albums.

It was a wonderful and crazy experience to meet so many musicians and perform on such big stages (SXSW festival and others).

I was introduced to different cultures, different values and to the power of music, which plays in each person’s heart. That music which bridges the gap. That music which makes us smile, even if we do not understand the lyrics, because it is great, moving, and it is real.

If you would ask me two years ago, I would say there is no chance that I will sing in Amharic (Ethiopia’s language). I just did not believe I had this rhythm inside of me.

I did not believe there would come a day when I will speak this language or try to find this connection between Israelism and traditional Ethiopian music.

The Ethiopian Jewish community is in the process of assimilating in the Israeli culture and this process is an integral part of my music.

These days we’re done working on my debut album “Oshi” produced by Yuval Gerstein. The album include six original songs. every time there was a contact between my Ethiopian side and my Israeli side, a new song was born. Most of the song texts are in Hebrew, with a mix of Amharic language.

This is the second immigration to Israel’s younger generation, call it magic.

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