Torah says Trump is right in his treatment of immigrants

Torah says Trump is right in his treatment of immigrants

It is fortunate Rabbi Engelmayer does not live in a country governed by Torah law, since the Torah did not take kindly to those who purposely misled people. In his latest political screed (“Two leaders vs. the stranger,” May 26), he claims that the Torah supports illegal aliens in the U.S. and Trump is violating the Torah admonition to treat the ‘stranger’ the same as the citizen. To bolster his case, he quotes a biblical ‘scholar’ who does not believe in the Divine origin of the Torah. As Engelmayer well knows, the word the Torah uses multiple times is ‘ger’ which does not mean an illegal alien or a stranger, but a convert to the Jewish religion. We are to treat the Jewish convert the same as a Jew born into the religion.

Non-Jews are governed by the 7 Noahide laws, one of which is to set up a system of laws. Trump is following US law and hence is following what the Torah intended. In addition, the Palestinians, last I checked, had not converted to Judaism en masse and thus are not covered by the mandate in the Torah regarding the ‘convert.’

Instead of trying to cloak his leftist politics in the Torah, Engelmayer would be better served relearning the stories of Adam/Eve and Korach. Eve and Korach were punished for leading others astray. Engelmayer would do well to heed these stories lessons.

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