The super-secret sukkah of the super-cousins

The super-secret sukkah of the super-cousins

Superman had his Fortress of Solitude. At least this week, the Blech family of Teaneck has the Fortress of Sukkahtude, a super-themed sukkah inspired by the stories of comic-book fan Moshe Blech. For 15 years, Mr. Blech has enlivened walks to shul by telling his children stories about the super cousins. Crafted with help from the children, the stable of characters includes the heroes Princess Power, Moe Muscles, and the Gymnastics Twins, who face off against the villainy of Dog Man, Hot Sauce Man, the Hokey Pokey Man, and Poopy Diaper Man. Shoshana and Ari Blech made the posters.

While the Blech family used to decorate their sukkah using pre-fab themes that ranged from Harry Potter to the Old West, this is their home-brewed heroes’ first incursion into the holiday celebrations. No word yet about whether the super cousins will return for the Passover seder.


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