The street as theater: Footloose in Jerusalem

The street as theater: Footloose in Jerusalem

You may want to pick up a copy of "Jerusalem Step by Step: The Best Eleven Guided Walking Tours," edited by Dr. Batya and Avigdor Kornboim and recently translated into English. Published by The Wize Guide, the collection is in loose-leaf form, with each tour printed in a separate, hole-punched booklet.

Featuring sections titled the Jewish Quarter, Mount Zion, Meah Shearim, Nahlaot, Yemin Moshe, Rehavia and Talbiya, Via Dolorosa, The Mount of Olives, Ein Kerem, the Israel Museum, and Wall to Wall Paintings, the compilation includes itineraries, opening hours, entrance fees, contact information, and helpful hints such as best times to visit and tips for families with children. Each self-guided itinerary also includes a detailed, street-by-street route map. The book can be purchased in Israeli bookstores.

Also helpful is "Jerusalem: A Neighborhood Street Guide" by Chanoch Shudofsky (Devora Publishing, ‘008). The guide, with full-color maps, includes some ‘,500 streets, squares, roads, boulevards, and alleyways in the city, listed according to neighborhoods. In addition to alphabetical listings of both streets and neighborhoods, the book flags sites of interest and walks and provides information on such topics as streets named for women, the year each neighborhood was founded, and neighborhoods that were built but no longer exist. The book is available from the publisher or through

Lois Goldrich