The fathers of the hybrid car

The fathers of the hybrid car

A despicable pioneer

p>One pioneer in the development of the hybrid car was Ferdinand Porsche of Austria-Hungary (1875-1951).

Around 1900, he introduced an “electric carriage” that had two electric motors connected to the front wheels. It could travel 35 miles an hour, but not for long distances. Later Porsche introduced a hybrid car, with an internal-combustion engine to supply the electricity.

In 1903 Porsche put together a car with electric motors at all four wheels. It could reach 70 miles an hour.

Later, Porsche was instrumental in building the Volkswagen Beetle (at Hitler’s behest), the Mercedes Benz SS/SSK, and the Porsche, along with various military tanks used by Nazi Germany in World War II.

On Dec. 15, 1945, the French arrested Porsche as a war criminal and he spent 20 months in a Dijon prison.


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