The Enchanting Music of Uriel Herman!

The Enchanting Music of Uriel Herman!

Sit back and relax to the classical/jazzy music of Uriel Herman. In this clip, he plays his piece,"Winter Light", in front of friends and family. The energy from the audience was so special that three video clips were made from this particular show.

So just who is Uriel Herman you might ask? Uriel is a talented Israeli classical pianist and composer who has journeyed with his music to exotic countries, such as Costa Rica.  His classical pieces are blended with a mix of jazz and rock,

The video clip that you are about to see was directed by the award winning director, Bettina Fienstatnt. She is the creator of the Israeli event series, “Indie City”.

Relax, unwind, close your eyes, and listen to this one of a kind music that will uplift your soul. It sure did uplift some of the audience members.

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