Tel Aviv’s NAMA sings English Walk of Freedom

Tel Aviv’s NAMA sings English Walk of Freedom

Instant classic.

Ethno groove comes to life with Nama’s strong voice and strong message, bringing to life urban beats and retro sound. Coming from a multi-cultural home, roots going all the way back from Turkey and Iraq, she manages to weave that middle-eastern vibe into soul music.
Coming from the vibrant music scene in Tel Aviv she has received wide acclaim for her first single “Slave for the City” released August 2015. So far it was chosen song of the week on 88fm national radio, and the music video that accompanies it sets a unique mosaic of sound and visual that brings to life the heart beat of middle eastern groove.
Nama has released one album in Hebrew and has been singing soul music for many years. In the upcoming EP she cooperates with Robin Banerjee, Amy Winhouse’s guitarist, after meeting on stage and then working long distance between London and Tel Aviv.
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