Slams ‘religious bigotry’ in health-care vote

Slams ‘religious bigotry’ in health-care vote

In my lifetime I witnessed the Depression in the aftermath of World War I, World War II, and the establishment of the State of Israel, Social Security, Medicare, Medicare D, Medicaid, and the first step in universal health care for all Americans.

At the same moment that this wonderful and glamorous event is taking place we have American terrorists spitting on fellow Americans because of differences of opinions, racial and homophonic slurs, and worst of all, religious bigotry infecting our constitutional right to separation of religion and state.

We have so-called representatives in Congress who vote against a bill that affects 300 million Americans not because of its social values but only as it affects the ruling of the Vatican’s religious laws.

Yes, I’m writing about the religious question of abortion. Members of Congress openly stated their opposition only until satisfied about their wishes to deny medical protection for abortion. That should be decided by the woman involved, her doctor if she so wishes, and her religious beliefs.

One group’s beliefs should not infringe on those of other Americans.

And I do hope that President Obama has learned from this ludicrous situation that a president leads – with the powers of a U.S. president.

My congratulations to Rahm Emanuel for leading the battle. It seems that for the rest of this year, due to the Republican strike against progress in America, Democrats will have to rule in Congress all by themselves.