Schlubbiest of the schlubbiest? Not quite

Schlubbiest of the schlubbiest? Not quite

The Big Lipowsky isn’t the schlubbiest of them all after all.

Turns out, The Big Lipowsky isn’t that big a schlub after all. Last week, I reviewed “From Schlub to Stud” in the pages of The Jewish Standard. If you missed the issue, you can find the review here.

What you didn’t read in that article is that author Max Gross held a book release party in August that featured a schlub-off competition. The Big Lipowsky, of course, had to enter. I put together my schlubbiest outfit, pulling one of my chess tournament T-shirts out from the bottom of my closet and letting the JewFro go wild. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending how you look at it), I did not win.

Author Max Gross hosted the Schlub-off in honor of his new book, “From Schlub to Stud.”

So who did take the crown of schlubbiest schlub in NYC? I can’t tell you. You see, the winner was a friend of mine whom I dragged to the contest. He tried to back out but I would not let him. He was convinced that I would win, but before the contest started, I told him that I thought he would take it. Turns out, I was right.

When Max announced the winner, my friend turned to me and said, “I’m going to kill you, Josh.” Hey man, at least you got a nice bottle of wine and “Knocked Up” on DVD out of it. Plus the experience. You should thank me. But just wait until I make you enter again next year. Then it’ll be some fierce competition.

Contestant Stas poses with the judges after the contest.
Contestant Bobby was popular with the judges as well.
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