Save their precious eyes with good care — at the start of the school year

Save their precious eyes with good care — at the start of the school year

Dr. Adria Burrows with a patient
Dr. Adria Burrows with a patient

Children’s eyes are so precious, and vision is vital to a child doing well in school.

Last year all the children were learning online and sure enough, they are coming into the office with worsening prescriptions.

The computer and the tablet tend to make the eyes more myopic. Thus, you may think that your child’s vision is fine, but he or she may indeed need a new prescription for the new school year.  It is very important to stay on top of your child’s vision.

It is also important to put a blue coating on your child’s glasses to block the blue rays from the computer. These blue rays tend to make myopia progress as children are on the computer and the tablet.  There are all grades of blue coatings. If you spend $15 on a pair of blue blocker glasses, you are not getting any significant blue blockage. You do get what you pay for. A good blue blocker coating alone costs much more than this.

The optical at New Jersey Eye and Ear puts a blue coating on glasses that blocks 100 percent of blue rays.

Besides bringing in your child for an eye exam at the start of the school year to make sure that his or her vision is good, you want to make sure that there are no eye diseases.

Children do, in fact, get eye diseases, and some of them do not have symptoms.

Glaucoma is a prime example. Glaucoma is a condition where the pressure of the eye is elevated, and this can result in blindness. More and more children are getting glaucoma. We do not know why. Most times there are no symptoms.

At New Jersey Eye and Ear, we check for glaucoma routinely in children.

Retinal conditions are also important to check for and every child gets a dilated exam to check the retina.  There are many conditions of the retina that can result in decreased vision.

Children often do not or cannot communicate when there is a problem with their eyes.  That is why it is so important to have their eyes checked regularly, and especially at the start of the school year.

Dr. Adria Burrows is a strabismus surgeon and the director of pediatric ophthalmology at NJ Eye And Ear.

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