Satmar camps offer egg-xemplary education in anti-Zionism

Satmar camps offer egg-xemplary education in anti-Zionism

Where better than summer camp to work on your pitching arm?

But face it: Pitching’s only for one person at a time, so you have to do more waiting than throwing. It’s not a great way to build your skills.

So give credit where credit is due to a Satmar summer camp, which whipped up a mass pitching exercise.

Yes, the chasidic boys seen in a video published by Yeshiva World News last week were all given their own eggs to pitch at a slow-moving limousine, which, they were told belonged to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. (Of course it didn’t, but whatever.)

The Satmar famously never have forgiven the Zionist movement for wanting to create a Jewish state, in spite of their rebbe’s explicit warning against it. They believe that God was so angered by Jews adopting Zionism that he sent the Holocaust as punishment.

How much of this grim theology was conveyed to the children is unclear from the video. They seem to just be having fun throwing eggs.


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