Rabbi condemns homophobia in God’s name

Rabbi condemns homophobia in God’s name

A Jerusalem rally against violence, Rabbi Benny Lau attacks religion-driven hatred of gays

“It’s impossible to say ‘Our hands did not shed this blood,” said Rabbi Benny Lau, addressing a rally against violence in Jerusalem on Monday night.

Anyone who has overheard someone tell an anti-gay joke and not silenced him is complicit, Rabbi Lau said; in fact, by not doing anything, he becomes a “partner in this bloodshed.”

“It all starts with our conversations at home, with our conversations as youth groups,” Rabbi Lau said. “Nobody should have to live in a closet.”

It is everyone’s responsibility to stand up and object when someone expresses bigoted opinions or jokes — “whether a rabbi or a teacher” — because acts of violence, like last week’s murderous rampage at the Jerusalem Pride parade — were enabled by “small bigotries,” jokes and comments that build up to legitimize heinous acts.

(Video has English subtitles – as well as sign language)

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