Presidential comedy comes to Jewish Life Television

Presidential comedy comes to Jewish Life Television

Did you hear the one about the comedian who played an accidentally elected president on television, only to be elected as his country’s real-life president — and then only to find his country invaded by the nuclear-armed former superpower next door?

Okay, you probably have heard about Volodymyr Zelensky, now the heroic president of embattled Ukraine, formerly a young comedian playing a history teacher elected president.

But have you actually watched any episodes of “Servant of the People”?

That’s okay. Neither have we.

Until now, we’ve excused our negligence in watching this high-stakes political comedy with our failure to renew our Netflix subscription some time ago.

But now there is no such excuse.

The Jewish Life Television network has announced that it will begin broadcasting the series weekly, starting this Monday, September 19, at 8 p.m.

Jewish Life Television broadcasts in New Jersey on Comcast channel 288. It’s also available through the Roku store.

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