Pop goes the Omer

Pop goes the Omer

We’ll confess. We’ve never approached the nightly Omer ritual with eager anticipation.

There’s been the omnipresent FOMO (fear of missing Omer). There’s been the satisfaction of remembering to do the mitzvah, and the smug satisfaction on those years we made all the way to Shavuot without missing a day.

But anticipation? Yearning?

Now, thanks to Josh Rosenberg of Philadelphia, we can approach the Omer with an eagerness that’s practically addictive, that will make the inability to count only one day at a time positively painful.

Because when it comes to popping bubble wrap, how can you stop at one?

Yet that is the challenge of his home-made Omer chart, formed by printing a chart of days, carefully calibrated to fit behind a sheet of half-inch bubble wrap.

Each night, you mark the Omer by popping that day’s bubble.

That day’s, and no more.

Easy as eating only one potato chip.

When Josh posted this on Facebook, he quickly discovered a demand. He put the original file online at http://bit.ly/omerbubble for those who want to print their own. He promised to hand deliver to friends.

But beyond that, broader production presented a problem, he said: “The irony is that it’s not entirely obvious how to protect these if I were to ship them…”

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