Party scoop: Yes, your bar mitzvah DJ did cost more

Party scoop: Yes, your bar mitzvah DJ did cost more

An analysis by Thumbtack, a consumer service website, found that DJs charge 32 percent more on average for bar and bat mitzvah parties than they do for other events.

The average price for a bar/bat mitzvah DJ is $812, according to the San Francisco-based company, which helps match consumers with professionals offering a variety of services throughout the United States.

Thumbtack explained why bar/bat mitzvah DJs cost more by noting that they are required to do more at those parties than at most other events.

“The job is to be the life of the party,” Thumbtack wrote in a press release. “Thirteen-year-olds don’t have much practice on the dance floor and the DJ has to help them lose their inhibitions. They need a guide to show them how to limbo, hora, and electric slide.”

Bar/bat mitzvah DJs also often lead games and contests.

DJ Mike Burchard told Thumbtack that working a bar/bat mitzvah requires a “different set of skills” than working other events.

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