Osem adds to product line, aids building of center in Sderot

Osem adds to product line, aids building of center in Sderot

This year, kosher consumers have a wonderful variety of Passover products available at supermarkets. Osem USA has launched a new line of dry foods to join its already extensive list of more traditional fare for the holiday.


As Israel recovers from another military operation to ensure the safety of its southern residents, Osem USA has teamed up with the Jewish National Fund to raise money for the support of a large indoor playground in Sderot. The town, near Israel’s border with Gaza, is hit daily with rocket attacks traumatizing residents. Together with the JNF, Osem is funding a large, reinforced indoor play center for the children of Sderot to enjoy; a place they can play safely, knowing that they do not have to run for shelter should the siren wail. The center also will be used for rehabilitation work, classes, and parties. Osem is donating 50 cents each time a Passover snack (Bamba, Bissli, and POPCO) is bought (up to $100,000).

With Osem’s Homestyle Passover Roll Mix, you can bake your own kosher-for-Passover bread. The result is a light and flavorsome roll uncannily similar to its non-Passover twin. Experimenting with the mix has led some consumers to stuff the rolls before baking with an assortment of meats and vegetables, creating a delicious new treat. Osem’s Homestyle Passover Roll Mix is under the strict supervision of the OU.

Another offering is a Gluten-Free Pancake Mix, which is under the strict supervision of the OU and Yerushalayim Mehadrin. The product offers a sweet and fluffy breakfast pancake to delight the family. Passover is a chance to experiment with new products, new mixes, and creative alternatives to a family’s favorite products.