Obama: President of the Mushroom Kingdom?

Obama: President of the Mushroom Kingdom?

No, Mushroom Kingdom is not a drug reference. The Mushroom Kingdom was the magical world two Italian plumbers from Brooklyn found themselves whisked away to in the Super Mario Bros. video game. In the wake of Barack Obama’s rise to the highest office in the land, Zensoft has created an online game called Super Obama World.

How many presidents can say they have their own video game?

Well, some might remember the anti-George W. Bush online game from the 2004 election that brought together heroes of the 1980s such as He-Man, Hulk Hogan, Mr. T, and Voltron with John Kerry and Howard Dean to stop the evil President Bush and his henchmen. While that game was rife with anti-Bush messages and dedicated more to voting against Bush than voting for Kerry, Zensoft seems to have created a slightly less political video game for President-elect Obama.

This game is set up more like Super Mario World from the Super Nintendo (back in the early 1990s for you Wii-philes who don’t remember the early Nintendo systems). The Big Lipowsky played the first level and didn’t feel like there was too much indoctrination. Although I haven’t made it to a boss level so who knows? Maybe Bush or McCain show up as a big-bad. Is anybody out there willing to play through the game and provide a rundown of the levels and characters? The Big Lipowsky looks forward to your report.

In the meantime, this game has made me nostalgic for my Super Nintendo. Unfortunately, my copy of Super Mario World seems to have been lost to history. So if anybody has the original game, I’ll gladly accept your donation.

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