Looking beyond our own

Looking beyond our own

I would like to add one more thought to recently well-written article, “Not quite a minyan: County exec primary lures Jewish candidates.” Sometimes, we tend to focus on our particular needs while losing sight of the whole community. At the end of the day, our next county executive needs to draw various groups together regardless of his religious background. We need a county executive who speaks out against the patterns of major downzoning within the Town of Ramapo, finds real solutions to Rockland County’s financial dilemmas, and helps the East Ramapo School District to focus upon providing quality education for all children.

We need a leader who understands what is right and wrong, and how to get Rockland County moving in the right direction. In November, we will select the next county executive. This individual must be a person of integrity who is dedicated to all the people. In the Town of Clarkstown, we are very fortunate to have such a mensch, Legislator Ed Day.

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