Joey Weisenberg’s incredible Adon Olam

Joey Weisenberg’s incredible Adon Olam

So simple, so memorable, so good.

Adon Olam (Shabbat Liturgy, end of every service) “Master of the World… who was there before all creation, who is, was, and will be…

From the Album: Joey Weisenberg and the Hadar Ensemble
Nigunim Vol. V: “Songs from the City of Brotherly Love”

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Recorded Live in the Choir Loft at the Kane Street Synagogue in Brooklyn on January 18-19, 2016.

The Hadar Ensemble:

Joey Weisenberg: Lead Vocals, Guitar, Mandolin, Drum
Yosef Goldman: Harmony Vocals, Lead on “Bei Ana Racheitz”
Deborah Sacks Mintz: Harmony Vocals, Lead Vocals on “Tzama Nafshi,” and “Adon Olam”
Eleonore Weill: Harmony Vocals, Wooden Flute
Yoshie Fruchter: Harmony Vocals, Upright Bass
Myk Freedman: Lap Steel
Sam Weisenberg: Tapan, percussion
Jake Shulman-Ment: Violin
Ilusha Tsinadze: Banjo

Engineered, Mixed, and Mastered by Don Godwin.
Filmed by Josh Freed.

“It’s special to sit down and sing with old friends! Bearing melodies and harmonies, folks travelled from as far as New Orleans and Philadelphia to make this music together. On one night, a twenty five person spontaneous Jewish choir joined us, including many from Mechon Hadar’s Spiritual Sounds Laboratory, and thus we were able to capture some of the amazing and unscripted sounds of everyday people singing together. Thanks to all who made this music!”

Thank you to the Kane Street Synagogue for hosting the recording sessions!

A Project of The Mechon Hadar Center for Communal Jewish Music : Reinvigorating Jewish Communities Through Song.

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