Jews Sing in Solidarity With Black Church [VIDEO]

Jews Sing in Solidarity With Black Church [VIDEO]

AMAZING VIDEO: A Jewish congregation in Riverdale visited a local church in the Bronx to show solidarity and sing together in the wake of racist attack in Charleston.

This video was taken at a solidarity gathering in front of the Green Pastures Baptist Church in the Bronx.

The Hebrew Institute of Riverdale and Green Pastures have a deep relationship going back over 10 years. The communities come together each year to celebrate the mission and legacy of Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King in song and celebration.

After hearing about the horrific, racist attack in Charleston, members of the Hebrew Institute of Riverdale, led by Rabbi Avi Weiss, Rabbi Steven Exler, Rabba Sara Hurwitz, and Rabbi Ari Hart, “went to go visit our brothers and sisters and show our sorrow and outrage,” according to Rabbi Hart.

“The gathering lasted about an hour,” Hart said. “We read the names of those who were killed, offered words of comfort to one another, and ultimately sang and even danced. The dancing was done in the face of the hatred that we had all seen. The hatred that motivated the attacker in Charleston can only be defeated with love and joy. This video shows the two communities singing a famous Reb Shlomo Carlbeach tune, Ki Va Moed – the Time has Come. May we see merit to see a new time, a new era, of love, understanding and joy, soon and in our days.”

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