Jews head to Whitefish to stand up to American Nazis

Jews head to Whitefish to stand up to American Nazis

Poilice chief places mezuza, representative dons teffilin

Rabbi Shmuel Herzfeld:
16143826_10153922407296706_730494016531202747_o“When we went to meet with the Whitefish representative in the Assembly, David Fern, he told us that he was Jewish. The shliach of Missoula, R Berry Nash, pulled out his tfillin and helped David put them on. Now we are driving to Whitefish.”



“Our meeting with Governor Bullock. He was very receptive. He promised to work hard to safeguard the Jews of Montana.
We shared with him our intent to sponsor four teens from the Whitefish school system to go on March of the Living and learn about the Holocaust (an idea of R Adam Scheier).

The Governor and the Speaker of Montana’s Assembly both told us that they would want the students to come back and brief them and then travel around the state as ambassadors and share their experiences with other students.”

Rabbi Adam Scheier:

“The police station in Whitefish, Montana, now has a mezuzah on its door.

Last week, I was in Jerusalem when the idea of a solidarity visit to Montana emerged. In that holy city, I purchased a mezuzah made of Jerusalem stone, and asked the Police Chief if he would consider putting it – as a symbol of protection and faith – on his office door. He said, “No, I won’t put it on my office door. I want to put it in a more central location, where everyone will see it.” So we put it outside a door that every police officer passes upon entering the station.

May God bless these wonderful people of extraordinary integrity and courage.”


Rabbi Shmuel Herzfeld

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