Jewish Family Service hunger campaign wins award

Jewish Family Service hunger campaign wins award

Emergency alert

The Center for Food Action is experiencing a serious shortage of food donations, according to Patricia Espy, the group’s executive director, who noted that the center distributed 53,142 emergency food packages in 2010.

“Despite some hints that the economy is beginning to improve, food donations have continued to lag well behind what is needed to meet the ongoing rise in new clients seeking help to feed their families,” said a recent statement from the organization.

“Because of this, CFA is bracing for the real possibility of making unprecedented reductions in the quantity of food provided in its seven-day food packages [and] is also considering reducing the number of times clients can come for food.”

According to Espy, the situation is worsened by the fact that summer is historically CFA’s weakest season for food donations.

“During these months, working parents are faced with additional child-care expenses and with school out, families that rely on school meals to help them stretch their food dollars will need to spend more to put food on their tables.” This is particularly difficult for those who live on a fixed income or are underemployed.

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