Jewish community urged to attend sentencing Friday morning

Jewish community urged to attend sentencing Friday morning

Aakash Dalan and Anthony Graziano to be sentenced for terrorism for 2011/2012 synagogue attacks

The Bergen County prosecutor’s office reportedly has asked the Jewish community to attend the sentencing of Aakash Dalal and Anthony Graziano, set for Friday morning at 9:30.

The two men were convicted of terrorism and other charges for a series of attacks on Bergen County synagogues in December 2011 and January 2012.

According to an email sent by the Community Security Services, which provides security for Jewish institutions, “the Prosecutor’s Office asked for our help to prove beyond any doubt that Dalal and Graziano’s actions caused fear in the Jewish community.” Causing fear is part of the definition of terrorism, according to the law.

“The BCPO went above and beyond to support us in their pursuit of justice while prosecuting both cases,” CSS wrote.

“Dalal’s community is doing everything it can to get his sentence reduced. Maximum sentencing, here, sends a message to everyone that hate crimes and acts of anti-Semitism are never to be taken lightly.

“During the trial, there was sparse Jewish attendance. That can’t be the case during Dallal’s sentencing because it will serve to undermine the great work of the BCPO, and more importantly the special relationship we have with them.

“The Prosecutor’s Office has asked that we fill the seats in the courtroom during Dallal’s sentencing. It is critical that we get at least 100 people into that courtroom on the 28th and show support for the law and justice and the Bergen County Prosecutor’s Office,” the letter concluded.

The sentencing is scheduled for 9:30 a.m. on Friday, July 28, in room 403 of the Bergen County Justice Center, 10 Main Street, Hackensack.

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