JESPY partners with NJACP and SRS Strategic Associates to benefit from grant

JESPY partners with NJACP and SRS Strategic Associates to benefit from grant

South Orange’s JESPY House, a nonprofit agency that has successfully supported adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities in building and maintaining independent lives through training in a full range of life skills for more than 42 years, recently was named a sub-grantee for a project funded by an inclusive healthy communities grant from the State of New Jersey’s Department of Human Service’s Division of Disability Services.

JESPY’s overarching mission is to help its 260 clients, who range in age between 18 and 73, maintain complete and independent lives. JESPY’s wellness programs provide support in the areas of clinical and behavioral health, residential options, athletics and fitness, activities of daily living, employment, and recreation.

JESPY House, along with its partners the New Jersey Association of Community Providers and SRS Strategic Associates, was among the 18 organizations to be awarded a grant, which is designed to foster inclusion for people with disabilities.

“JESPY clients are integral members of the South Orange community, living and working here, and frequenting our local businesses,” JESPY House’s executive director, Audrey Winkler, said. “Our clients are grateful to be in a community that values and supports them. With this grant, we will be able to work toward achieving an even greater level of inclusivity and accessibility for our clients and for others in our community who have disabilities.”

The NJACP-JESPY-SRS Strategic Associates’ capacity building project is intended to support “the early stages of efforts of building collaborative partnerships and planning strategies that will contribute to definitive change for adults with disabilities” in the South Orange community. The total grant award, $100,000, is for an 18-month project.

The New Jersey Association of Community Providers assists member agencies that support people with disabilities by advocating for a high standard of practice and professional competence and providing information and networking exchanges and related workshops and seminars. SRS Strategic Associates LLC, a consulting firm, assists organizations that serve people with disabilities and special needs, to become and remain sustainable.

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