JDK Social Station Enhances Children’s Skills

JDK Social Station Enhances Children’s Skills

What is JDK Social Station, LLC.? We are a specialized multi-sensory teaching facility that enhances learning, social, and interactive skills of children with social deficits.

Our programs are individualized based on each child’s needs to reach their maximum potential. Emphasis is placed on teaching provided by certified special needs teachers to develop self-confidence, play skills, social skills, and problem-solving techniques. We serve children from 3-13 years of age.

What’s happening at JDK Social Station in 2021? We are pleased to be offering a spring break mini-camp, social skills classes running all year long, as well as summer camp in both July and August. Our July camp is a mini camp offered from 2 pm to 4 pm, three days per week. If your child attends Extended School Year (ESY), by attending our program,  it’s a great way to ensure that they maximize their day. Our August program is a full day camp 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. or extended day 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

What do we offer? At our social skills camps and classes, we will be focusing on supporting positive social interactions among our children.  Our fun-filled camps and classes are packed with exciting activities where all peers work together. Our teachers are certified ABA instructors with vast experience teaching social skills. We focus on peers initiating and maintaining play and conversations with their peers. Our program is modified to help meet the needs of each child who attends. Our camp day consists of morning yoga, social skills groups, weekly themed activities, mini- golf, gross and fine motor activities, cooking activities, music and art therapy, water activities and special visits from Sensory Taekwondo, Woodworking and Zumba Classes! All activities are on site.

If you have questions, please sign up for our “Meet & Greet” in-person private tour of our facility. March 1st and March 4th by appointment only.  (833) 535-1212, 780 Post Place, Secaucus, NJ. Email:  jdksocialstation@gmail.com; www.jdksocialstation.com.

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