Jacqueline Kates to lead Teaneck’s new community initiative

Jacqueline Kates to lead Teaneck’s new community initiative

Jacqueline Kates

Geriatric Services, Inc. has been funded by the Henry and Marilyn Taub Foundation to move Teaneck’s Age-Friendly Community Initiative from planning to implementation. Jacqueline Kates, a former mayor of Teaneck who more recently was the community relations coordinator at Holy Name Medical Center, will begin as the project’s coordinator on October 1.

During the implementation phase, plans will be developed to improve and enhance township services, safety, and communication. The goal is to ensure that Teaneck’s older residents can age comfortably in their homes and neighborhoods. The action plan will address needs and concerns identified through communitywide surveys, interviews, and focus groups and help Teaneck residents to take advantage of the community’s existing resources. Areas of focus will include affordable housing options, transportation, health and safety, and communication.

Geriatric Services, Inc., the nonprofit organization that has provided housing services in Teaneck for 26 years, is leading the effort in Teaneck but invites organizations, service providers, recreational and cultural programs, civic and faith-based groups that serve the Teaneck community, as well as Teaneck residents, to participate. The Henry and Marilyn Taub Foundation has funded similar initiatives in Englewood, Garfield, Ridgewood, and Westwood.

For information, call Jacqueline Kates at (201) 530-7572.

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