Israeli soldier speaks in New Milford

Israeli soldier speaks in New Milford

Sgt. Benjamin Anthony

A panel of speakers, keynoted by Sgt. Benjamin Anthony of Our Soldiers Speak, talked about Israel at a recent meeting in the Solomon Schechter School of Bergen County, sponsored by Unite4Unity.

U4U is dedicated to bringing disparate parts of the local Jewish community together; the evening was predicated on the understanding that all community members share a focus on Israel, and all are interested in learning how to advocate for the Jewish state.

The lead speaker, Mr. Anthony, a British Jew who made aliyah and served in three wars in Israel, showed a film, stark in its ugliness, of the beginning of a meeting with undergraduates at a college campus. These students, with their reflexive loathing of Israel, are the norm on many campuses, he said.

We must tell the truth, despite them; we must empower our children with the knowledge that will allow them to face down mouth-breathing haters. He does.

His underlying message was the need to be proud of Israel, and proud of being Jewish. It is that pride that underlies everything else, he said.

The Schechter School’s head, Ruth Gafni, introduced the panel: Jasmine Patihi of StandWithUs, Andrew Gross of the Israeli embassy in New York, and Daniel Mizner of AIPAC. Each discussed how his or her work supports Israel.

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