Israeli Olympic skating team performs at the Ice House

Israeli Olympic skating team performs at the Ice House

The Israel Olympic ice skating team with coaches. (Photo provided)
The Israel Olympic ice skating team with coaches. (Photo provided)

Five Israeli athletes and other Olympians from around the world will perform in “Ice Dreams” at the Ice House in Hackensack on Saturday, January 27, at 6 p.m.

The Ice House, which runs a figure skating program at its training center, will send 10 athletes — five are from the Israeli team —to Pyeongchang, South Korea, in February for the 2018 Winter Olympic games. The January 27 performance is an Olympic send off celebration, and it also marks the Ice House’s 20th anniversary.

“The most powerful and enduring brands and businesses are built from the heart, and they are real and sustainable, the Ice House’s CEO, Rob Bakos, said. “The strength and passion that our staff and athletes endure is authentic and that of a true foundation. We are thrilled to be able to say that we have sent a team of skaters to every single Olympic games since we opened our doors.”

“Here at the Ice House, we are so proud to have five members of the Israeli Olympic figure skating team,” Olympic coach Craig Maurizi said. “We have skaters come here from all over the world to train with the best coaches, in one of the most elite training facilities in the country.”

“The atmosphere at Ice House is impeccable compared to that of skating facilities around the world,” added Nine Petrenko, an Ice House coach and choreographer. “We not only have ready and available ice time whenever we need it, but also have off-ice facilities on the premises and an incredible support staff on hand.”

The Israel Olympians are Alexei Bychenko — singles; Paige Connors and Evgeny Krapolski — pairs; and Adel Tankova and Ronald Zilberberg — ice dance. Galit Chait coaches all of them. Switzerland’s Olympian is Alexia Paganini — singles, coached by Craig Maurizi. Nicole Rajic — singles, coached by Igor Krokavec — is the Slovakian Olympian. Coach Nikolai Morozov will oversee Canadian Olympians Kaitlin Weaver and Andrew Poje for ice dance and Brandon Kerry from Australia for singles.

The Ice House is the home of more than 60 accredited coaches and it has housed Olympians since its doors opened in 1998. Based in Hackensack, the Ice House runs one of the largest learn-to-skate programs in the country and has done so under the direction of Craig Maurizi since 1998. Over the years, the Ice House has been home to more than 60 Olympic and world competitors, including Sarah Hughes, Miki Ando, Daisuke Takahashi, Johnny Weir, Sasha Cohen, and Oksana Baiul.

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