Israeli man sues over Garden State Plaza strip search

Israeli man sues over Garden State Plaza strip search

Says cops teased him when his pants were down

An Israeli man who was strip searched at the Garden State Mall while on his honeymoon claims that the officers ridiculed his private parts as being small.

The man filed a lawsuit last week in Bergen County Superior Court.

According to the lawsuit, the 38-year-old man identified by his initials, was stopped after leaving the Apple store in theGarden State Plaza mall in Paramus in November 2015. His wife was shopping somewhere else, according to the lawsuit, the New York Post reported.

He was accused of shoplifting by mall security guards, who called police. After the police did not find anything in his bags, they forced him to remove his pants in public and searched his underwear while making fun of him, according to the lawsuit.

The man’s attorney told the New York Post that he believes he was stopped because of his heavy accent. She also said that he still has nightmares and panic attacks over the incident. He is suing the mall, the Apple store, and the police.


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