Indie Lens Pop-Up launches new season of screenings 

Indie Lens Pop-Up launches new season of screenings 

A new season of Indie Lens Pop-Up — the community series that brings people together for conversations around thought-provoking documentaries — will feature both in-person and virtual events in more than 40 cities across the U.S.

Jeremy Lentz, executive director of the Teaneck International Film Festival, said he is “proud to launch our fourth virtual season of Indie Lens Pop-Up in partnership with the Puffin Cultural Forum and NJ PBS.”

The series will cover such topics as climate gentrification and race and gender equity in mainstream media, and aims to expand perspectives through deeply personal stories. Each film will make its debut on the award-winning PBS anthology series “Independent Lens” and will be available to stream on the PBS app.

The 2023-24 lineup, with virtual screening dates, all at 7:30 p.m., includes:

“Razing Liberty Square” chronicles a public housing community in Miami that becomes ground zero for climate gentrification. (January 24)

“Breaking the News” sheds light on a group of women and LGBTQ+ journalists who launch The 19th*, a news startup bucking the status quo. (February 28)

“Matter of Mind: My Parkinson’s” follows three people as they navigate their lives in the face of a degenerative illness. (March 27)

“The Tuba Thieves” is an exploration of musicality set against a theft, as hard-of-hearing filmmaker Alison O’Daniel generates sensitivity to sound and meaning in an unconventional documentary. (May 1)

“These films empower our community to come together and talk about topics that might otherwise be difficult to discuss,” said Lentz. “With this partnership, we create open, safe forums to talk about important issues, hopefully providing useful resources for those who need them.”

He added, “We are proud to work with our local NJ PBS affiliate on showcasing the NJ 21 short series, which spotlights stories from New Jersey’s 21 diverse counties. These shorts will be paired with the Independent Lens feature films.”

Beatriz Castillo, senior director of engagement operations at Independent Television Service, said, “Through our screenings, we hope people from all facets of life find themselves in these films, and we encourage everyone to share their stories and engage in thoughtful conversations in a safe, inclusive environment.”

Viewers can sign up for free virtual screenings through (call 201-203-1723) starting in January. Learn more at and

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