Canadian-Israeli Jew Returns to Israel After Fighting ISIS

Canadian-Israeli Jew Returns to Israel After Fighting ISIS

Gillian Rosenberg, the 32 year old Canadian-Israeli Jew who joined Kurdish forces fighting ISIS in Syria and Iraq, has returned home safely. And she's got stories!

No one knew of Gillian Rosenberg’s whereabouts for the past eight months. It was even rumored that she was kidnapped and taken as prisoner by the Jihadist Islamist State (ISIS). However, Rosenberg, eventually wrote on her Facebook page, to all her friends’ relief, that those rumors were false.

The 32 year old told Army Radio in an interview that leaving her Kurdish Army comrades was a very difficult decision for her to make. She said her goals for the war had changed since the Iranian government had become more involved. This reasoning helped her realize that the time had come for her to return home to Israel. She was questioned extensively by the Israeli Shin Bet Security Service on her arrival into the Holy Land, since Israelis are forbidden from visiting enemy countries.

It is remarkable that not once during her stay in Syria or Iraq, did she reveal her Jewish identity. Everybody thought she was just Canadian. Dozens of her Facebook fans sent her welcoming messages on her page.

What was her reasoning for traveling to Syria and Iraq in the first place?  She felt a deep connection between the Kurdish people and the Jews that suffered during the Holocaust. This caused her to feel a need to help the Kurds in their fight against the monstrous Islamic State.

We wish you good luck, Gillian and are happy that you are home safely.



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