‘A wild boar ate my homework’

‘A wild boar ate my homework’

Last month, Elad Koshiko of Haifa got a painful lesson in the power of boardom.

In footage posted online from outside his school, a wild boar can be seen eating through the contents of his schoolbag as his friends watch in amazement.

“We ordered a pizza and the boar came and ate the pizza and he ate the work in my bag,” Koshiko explains to the camera as the feast continues in the background.

The background to this boaring story is a decision last year by Haifa mayor Einat Kalisch-Rotemban to stop the city’s periodic culling of the area’s wild boars. The porkers are part of the natural ecosystem, she said. 

This year, coronavirus came and slowed down traffic and other human activity, and the boars went hog-wild.

Haifa is at the foot of the Mount Carmel, home to boars, foxes, jackals, and other animals. They’re all protected by Israeli law. With no natural predators in Haifa, their numbers can grow rapidly.

Until the 2019 ban was imposed, Haifa periodically allowed hunters to shoot them to keep numbers down.

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