A role model for all

A role model for all

Dovid Egert, 26, began his volunteer work at Camp Simcha at age 15. This does not sound like a big deal; other teenagers work at summer camps, after all. Camp Simcha is different, however. It caters to children who are cancer victims. Working with such children is gut-wrenching for adults. It can be only more so for other children.

In 2009, Egert began what has since become an annual tradition – Bike4Chai, a two-day, 175-mile ride designed to raise money for the camp and its campers. That year, he rode alone and raised $10,000. This year, he had more than 300 others along for the ride and the take topped $2 million.

Read the article on Page 10. If you are a parent, read it to your teenaged children, then discuss with them what Egert has accomplished – and what they could accomplish – to help make this world a better place.

In an age of texting and tweeting and instant gratification, the Jewish world needs more teenagers like Dovid Egert was, and more adults like Dovid Egert is.