Zero tolerance for abusers

Zero tolerance for abusers

In the article on the silencing of “Standing Silent” (March 30), Hilary Helstein said: “We all show different things and each community has a different level of tolerance. I just wanted to put a warning sticker on this one so that you are aware.”

I would like to ask Hilary Helstein exactly what is her “level of tolerance” where the sexual abuse of children, young persons and vulnerable adults is concerned? I really want to know. It would appear that it is right up there with the hiearchy of the Roman Catholic Church, whose cover-up of the sexual abuse of hundrends of thousands of children is now common knowledge in countries around the world.

My “level of tolerance” for those church authorities who are known sexual predators or who have covered up sexual abuse committed by its ministers is zero, as it is for my Jewish advocates and friends in Baltimore, Maryland, New York, New Jersey, and elsewhere. I agree with and support the comments of “Standing Silent” producer Scott Rosenfelt.