Yes, Just One is Called Bourekas

Yes, Just One is Called Bourekas

Want to be an Israeli for a day? Learn how to make Bourekasim with spinach and feta. Your mouth will water watching this delightful video.

Joan Nathan, famous for (among other things) her PBS Television Cooking Series,”Jewish Cooking in America with Joan Nathan”, presents a cooking demonstration on how to make Israeli classic dish bourekasim.

The fast food for Israelis is a breakfast dish for Turkish, Greek, and Bulgarian Jews. Joan presents in this do-it-yourself-video  a baking demonstration for a late Saturday morning treat.

The flaky filo pockets are filled with feta cheese and spinach. Joan gives us great tips how to make the buttery pastries, from scratch. When done, they look simply delicious!

Fun fact: even though ‘bourekas’ sounds plural – Israelis refer to a single boureka as bourekas and multiple as: bourekasim.

Tell us if you tried them at home and how they came out! We’d love to hear your comments.

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