Yes, free the captives

Yes, free the captives

With Father’s Day, as well as the recent visit of formerly captured Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit’s father, Noah, in the background, I applaud Rabbi David J. Fine’s remarks about the merits of securing the release of U.S. Army Sgt Bowe Bergdahl (“Should Bergdahl have gone free?” June 13).

I suppose I’m not the only dad who has never quite fallen completely asleep until hearing my sons come home from their late nights. It is only now that I can appreciate the concerns my own father must have experienced when I kept similar hours. I cannot imagine how Mr. Shalit or Mr. Bergdahl managed any rest or comfort during their sons’ captivities.

My Jewish soul is proud of the American government’s decision to bring home our soldier.

Let the rabbis discuss the halachic implications of “pidyon shevuyim.” Let the judge advocates and military authorities decide what was appropriate in Sgt. Bergdahl’s circumstances! If Gilad or Bowe ever find themselves in our area, they can count on enjoying a cold six pack, courtesy of this friend in Paramus, New Jersey.